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Small and compact yet rugged torch which provides a powerful light, for its diminuitive size - heavy duty metal construction ensures durability.  Rubber enhanced seals to ensure that this torch is weatherproof.  Takes 3 AAA battery's, extra bright and long life bulb life - bargain price.
Available in silver or black.

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This handy solar powered torch provides a bright white light from its 5 long life LED bulbs. Also incorporates a small compass on the body of the torch so never lose your way at night again! Product size: 25 x 40 x 125mm Weight: 80g.

  • Five 8,000mcd bright white LEDs - low power consumption
  • No need of batteries and any other power
  • Small compact size - fits easily in the hand or pocket and lightweight
  • Charge for 6 hours in sunlight, can work for 8 hours at a time
  • Great travelling torch - built in compass
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    • Color-changing LED; light color changes every hour
    • Twelve unique LED colors, which glow from within the clock housing
    • Large, easy to read LCD display
    • Flashing light and sound alarm
    • Dual display digital alarm - diplays date, time and alarm time
    • One-touch control
    • Battery or mains powered (optional mains powered adaptor)

    This clock has multicolored LEDs that change color once every hour, and has a large, easy to read LCD screen. It also has flashing light and sound alarm - which can be turned onto snooze by tapping the top of the clock.

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    • All Aluminium alloy construction - rugged and strong.
    • Rubber enhanced seals for water tightness
    • 28 ultra white and bright longlife LED bulbs
    • 3 x AAA batteries will provide over 50 hours of light
    • Stylish Gun metal finish

    28 White Ultra Bright LED'S Rugged Design, All Aluminium Heavy Duty Gun Metal Finish - Weatherproof with rubber enhanced seals for extra waterproofing - an excellent high quality item at a great price - ideal for camping and all outdoor pursuits.
    Available in Silver or Black.

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    • 41 LEDs white light, extensive bulb life: up to 100,000 hours
    • 3 selectable modes - 12 LED, 29 LEDs, 41 LEDs
    • Magnetic pad attaches the light to metallic surface
    • Waterproof function
    • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries (not included)

    This waterproof utility camping light uses 41 LEDs and 3 selectable levels of brightness to offer maximum lighting functionality in a compact package. It features a plastic hanging loop best suited for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a magnetic plate for easy use in any workshop or utility setting.

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    • Fully adjustable delay time, operating brightness, LED brightness
    • Super energy saving, super long standby time, super sensitivity
    • Easy to use, no cable required
    • Magnetic stand, easy to move
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

    With a built in infrared sensor, the lights on this unit will turn on automatically when you are getting close to it, and then turn off automatically according to your configuration. Simple but elegant, advanced technology, this is a easy to use product that can provide a convienent lighting solution in all sorts of places including lighting attics, cupboards, sheds etc its also ideal for camping and parties, or for use as a security light.

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